After a decade of experience in the EV golf cart industry, we started Elevate to marry the golf cart dealer infrastructure of knowledge EV service, brick & mortar showrooms, and customer service with the e-Bike consumers. This takes all the guess work out of buying an e-Bike sight unseen online and puts you in the riders seat to pick the Elevate e-Bike that is right for you.

We have extensive backgrounds involving product quality, supply chain, customer service, innovation, and sourcing. This isn’t a hobby for us, we didn’t start Elevate to keep busy or to make a quick buck. We take our company, our products, and our customer relationships very serious. We will have a lot of fun on this journey but not at the expense of our customers or company.

Meet the Team

Scott Blanton

Co-Founder - Finance/Supply Chain/Technology

Cody Baggett

Co-Founder - Operations/Engineering/Sales
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