ELEVATE e-BIKE Manual & LCD screen master sheet

Our manual is the same for all models, this is where you can find the most recent edition. 

LCD Screen factory setting sheet with setting descriptions. 

elevate Assembly step by step instructions

Abaco Beach Cruiser

Cabo Beach Cruiser

Highrise Commuter

Nomad Trail Bike

Tremor Trail Bike

elevate Warranty & Freight Policies

Warranty is the same for all models.

Freight is the same for all models.

elevate Marketing Materials

Elevate Master Spec Sheet

Social Media/Marketing Images

Website Listing Images (white backgrounds)

Posters/Wall Papers

elevate individual bike Spec sheets

ABACO Spec Sheet
CABO Spec Sheet
NOMAD Spec Sheet

TREMOR Spec Sheet

elevate Accessory Instructions

Large Basket

Front Rack

Cell Phone Holder
Comfort Package Seat Kit

Side Mirrors

Bike Lock

Elevate Replacement Parts

Tire Tube Replacement
LCD Screen Replacement
Chain Replacement
Mechanical Disc Brake Swap

Controller Swap

Rear Motor Replacement


Each tire sidewall says the proper PSI range, we suggest: Nomad – 30psi, Abaco 35psi, Cabo 25psi
Coming soon
Yes, we have spare batteries available for purchase. (Link to page?)
Yes, touch up kits are available for purchase
Yes, a blank set of keys can be purchased but is not keyed to your specific battery. You will need at least one of the original keys or contact a locksmith to key one of the blanks to your battery.
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