Elevate ebikes

  • Elevate ebikes


    The classic cruiser that maintains it’s cool design cruising the coastline or a trip thru the neighborhood. Coastal colors mixed with tan comfort grips & seat plus an adjsutable front shock only adds to it’s classic beauty.
  • Elevate ebikes

    Cabo (High Bar Cruiser)

    The king of the beach is ready for it’s day in the sunshine. The Cabo is built for comfort but doesn’t sacrifice style. The large 26″ x 4″ tires are perfect for navigating the sandy paths and the comfort seat will make your ride as smooth as the summer breeze.

  • Elevate ebikes

    Highrise (Step-Through Cruiser)

    Designed with a traditonal commuter aesthetic, the Highrise combines a classic look with a 500 watt motor & lithium power. Featuring a step-through design, removable integrated battery, and a 20-60 mile range this bike fits a variety of preferences and needs.
  • Elevate ebikes


    The Nomad foldable bike is very versatile and allows users to transport it in small automobiles & RVs. With 4” Fat Tires, front & rear suspension, 750 watt motor, and 13 ah battery this bike can go anywhere and do anything…

  • Elevate ebikes

    Tremor (OFF-ROAD FOLDER)

    The Tremor foldable Mountain e-Bike for the weekend adventurer seeking an easier riding experience on more advanced trails. With large 26 x 3” tires, front & rear suspension, 750-watt motor, and 13 ah battery this Mountain e-Bike can traverse any trail no matter your skill level…

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